• The brand “Felicia” was founded by Felicia Prem, a young vibrant fashion lover whose designs is know for ultra feminine cuts.
  • The Bangalore born entrepreneur, grew up with a rich fashion background combined with “Uniworld Logistics” (a 150 million dollar enterprise) created the brand.
  • She set up her own design and manufacturing team in Italy catering to the desires of fashion lovers like her.
  • The brand “Felicia” follows a central distribution model where all merchandise is shipped from its distribution center in Bangalore. This is to ensures that the quality of product remains the same.
Brand Launch
  • The brand “Felicia” was launched at the Celebrity Cricket League Glam Night in January 2013 through a fashion show.
  • The fashion shows showcased 5 different collections in 5 cities namely Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Cochin. Click here to check various events
  • The fashion shows were aired on NDTV Good times for a period of 3 months.
  • Felicia stands for freshness and luxury, which is where our brand stands out
  • Made from the finest fabrics of Italy , quality is a thing which we will never compromise.
  • Our demographic target is for the young uber class who do not like a compromise in terms of style
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